My primary areas of focus in research and collecting are:

Early, Feudal and Tsarist Russia

Srebrennik of Vladimir the Great


First Russian silver coins of X-XI centuries

Novgorod Grivna


Russian silver bullions - grivnas

Dmitry Donskoi denga - Grand Duchy of Moscow

Russian Feudal coins

Coinage of the great and feudal Russian duchies (1380-1533)

Ivan IV the Terrible ГА kopeck

Russian Tsarist coins

Coinage of the centralised Russian state prior to Peter I Alexeevich the Great (1533 - 1721)

Other areas of interest

St. Maurice Abbey coin

Swiss coinage

Coins minted on the territory of present-day Switzerland from Celtic era up to 1848 with the primary focus on cantonal issues

Istros drachm gemini

Earliest coins of mankind

First and earliest coins minted by humanity from 600 BC to 300 AD including early money equivalents

Soviet Order of Nevskiy

Soviet Orders / Medals

Military and civil awards of the Soviet Union from 1918 to 1991

Seychelles 500 rupees banknote


Banknotes of the world, French and British colonies and dependencies