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The significance of the study and preservation of numismatic patrimony cannot be overstated. Coins can provide us with a wealth of knowledge about our history, culture and society. While coins, and money at large, clearly bear a functional economic purpose, I view them rather as objects of art and photographs of history captured in metal. Even in their base economic function, coins (money), in my worldview reflect the noblest concept of rewarding the human efforts, achievement and merit.

Promotion of research, safeguarding the knowledge of our history and culture has always been a heart-felt aspiration. At its foundation, lies a life motto that perhaps summarises my passion for numismatics: "Beauty creation and knowledge management". This echoes very closely the mission of numerous researchers and museum teams that dedicate their life to the study human history, art and culture. With this perspective, I am starting to embark on a journey to build collaboration and partnerships with museums that host numismatic collections in the area of early and feudal coinage of the states which existed on the present-day territories of Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine.

The objectives of these projects are:

  • promote the study of numismatics
  • increase the availability of research and publications in additional languages
  • highlight specific numismatic objects in museum collections and, finally
  • raise a call to the numismatic community, business and organisations to provide support to the museum projects.

As a concrete project, I would like to invite you to support the National Museum of History of Ukraine (NMIU).

The NMIU is the main museum of Ukraine and represents the history of the territory of Ukraine from prehistoric times till present days. Its collections include the world-famous Scythian gold pectoral as well as one of the 12 Kievan Rus' zlatniks known in existence.

You can make a donation for the Charitable Foundation for Development of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine which raises money for new exhibitions, equipment and publications of the museum and reports on all funds received. The details about making a donation are provided by the museum on their website section dedicated to museum support information.

The donations should be arranged between you and the museum directly. This all about you making a choice to support the cause that means something to you personally. This is the case for me, and I have made a small donation to the museum in June 2022 as private individual.