In the 5th-6th centuries, the Germanic Burgundians and Alamanni tribes were conquered by the Frankish Merovingians.
In 496, the Alemanni were conquered by the Frankish leader Clovis and incorporated into his dominions. Merovingians defeated Burgundians in 534 and extended their rule into Raetia in 537.

Merovingians began minting their own distinct money at the start of his reign of Theudebert I. The gold triens, worth a third of Constantine's solidus, became the predominant Merovingian coin. Its weight was approximately 1.25 grams. In Switzerland, Merovingian gold triens coins were produced in the cities of Basel (Basilia), Geneva, Avenches (Aventicus), Lausanne (Lausonna), Windisch (Vindonissa), St. Maurice d'Augaune (Acaunum), and Sitten (Sedunum).

Swiss History Timeline - Swiss Merovingian Coins
Swiss Merovingian Coin