Ecuador 500 Sucres 1999 P-128c UNC

Offered for sale is a banknote issued by Ecuador. The denomination of the banknote is 5000 Sucres. The banknote has been issued in 1999 and is printed on paper stock. The banknote's serial number is XXXXXXX.

The reference of the banknote in Pick catalog is P-128c. The internal catalog reference of this item is 50000283.

The banknote is in Uncirculated condition and is stored in the Banknote plastic sleeve.

Ecuador 500 Sucres 1999 P-128c UNC
Price: CHF 3.00
Country: Ecuador
Type: Ecuador 500 Sucres 1999 P-128c
Denomination: 5000 Sucres
Year: 1999
Material: Paper
Grade: Uncirculated
Serial #: XXXXXXX
Catalog #: Pick P-128c