Grishin/Khramenkov Types of Russian coins of Ivan/Vasiliy III

Grishin I.V., Khramenkov A.V. Types of Russian coins of Ivan III and Vasiliy III. With price references.
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The book is a practical guide which provides an overview of the coins minted during the reigns of Ivan III and Vasily III and allows the reader to identify a coin type and estimate its value. The catalog is recommended as a basis for putting together a collection of coin types - a small, but representative compilation, covering all stages of monetary circulation in 1462-1533. On the basis of the catalog V.V. Zaitsev, "Russian coins of Ivan III and Vasily III» and his proposed typology and systematization, the catalog puts forth 73 types of silver coins of Ivan III and 38 types of Vasily III; for some types subtypes have been additionally defined. For each coin type the catalog provides a graphical reconstruction of the coin die, obverse and reverse descriptions, and the price estimates for various coin grades. In addition, most coin types in the catalog are illustrated by color photographs.

Year: 2013
Pages: 72
Issue limit: 1
ISBN: 978-5-905055-04-1