Israel 1 Sheqel 1986 UNC P-51A

Offered for sale is a banknote issued by Israel. The denomination of the banknote is 1 Shekel. The banknote has been issued in 1986 and is printed on paper stock. The banknote's serial number is 3897708912.

The reference of the banknote in Pick catalog is P-51A. The internal catalog reference of this item is 50000303.

The banknote is in Uncirculated condition and is stored in the Banknote plastic sleeve.

Israel 1 Sheqel 1986 UNC P-51A
Price: CHF 5.00
Country: Israel
Type: Israel 1 Sheqel 1986 P-51a
Denomination: 1 Shekel
Year: 1986
Material: Paper
Grade: Uncirculated
Serial #: 3897708912
Catalog #: Pick P-51A