Russia silver kopeck Fedor Ivanovich 1598 B/HOPS GK117

Offered for sale is a coin issued by Centralized Russian State. The denomination of the coin is 1 kopeck. The coin has been issued in 1598. It is struck in silver and weighs 0.66 grams. Its diameter is mm. The mintage details are not available.

The obverse of the coin features: Horseman with spear, mintmark В/НОРS.
The coin reverse depicts: Legend in 5 lines ЦРЬИВЄ ЛІКИІКНЗ ФЄОДОРІВА НОВІЧВСЄ ѦРУСІ.

The reference of the coin in Grishin, Kleschinov catalog is 117. The internal catalog reference of this item is 70002953. The coin is in Almost uncirculated condition and is stored in the self-adhesive holder measuring 50 by 50 mm.

Centralized Russian State, Kopeck, 1598, Silver, GK 117 (5-2), B/HOPS
Price: CHF 8.00