Ukraine 10 Hryvnas 2005 AG 60 Years of UN Membership KM370

Offered for sale is a coin issued by Ukraine. The denomination of the coin is 10 Hryvnas. The coin has been issued in 2005. It is struck in silver of 925 fineness and weighs 31.10 grams. Its diameter is 38.61 mm. 5000 pieces of this coin have been issued.

The obverse of the coin features: On the coin obverse right and upon the relief background there is a depiction of an olive twig, which decorates the UN emblem (peaceableness symbol); upon the glass background there is the small State Emblem of Ukraine, left there are inscriptions: УКРАЇНА/ 10/ ГРИВЕНЬ/ 2005, Аg 925, designation of metal and 31,1, the coin's pure weight, as well as the Mint logo of the National Bank of Ukraine..
The coin reverse depicts: On the coin reverse there is a conventionalized depiction of a fragment of the universe, above there is a depiction of the emblem of the United Nations Organization, left there is five-line inscription: 60 РОКІВ ЧЛЕНСТВА УКРАЇНИ В ООН..

The reference of the coin in Krause catalog is 370. The internal catalog reference of this item is 70002066. The coin is in Proof condition and is stored in the original capsule.

Ukraine 10 Hryvnas 2005 Silver 60 Years of Ukraine Membership in UN KM370
Price: CHF 69.00

Country: Ukraine
Type: 60 Years of Ukraine Membership in UN
Denomination: 10 Hryvnas
Year: 2005
Material: Silver
Weight: 31.10 grams
Fineness: .925 (92.5%)
Bullion value: $2,220.47
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Mintage: 5000
Grade: Proof
Catalog #: Krause 370