Ukraine 10 Hryvnas 2009 Silver Surb Khach Monastery 

Offered for sale is a coin issued by Ukraine. The denomination of the coin is 10 Hryvnas. The coin has been issued in 2009. It is struck in silver of 925 fineness and weighs 31.10 grams. Its diameter is 38.61 mm. 8958 pieces of this coin have been issued.

The obverse of the coin features: Above - the Small National Emblem of Ukraine and the circumferential legend: НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine); in the centre – a Khachkar (cross-stone), that is located on the monastery territory, decorated with a vegetational ornamentation pattern, below – the coin issue year – 2009 and face value ДЕСЯТЬ ГРИВЕНЬ (ten hryvnias)..
The coin reverse depicts: Monastery buildings with the legends: СТАРИЙ КРИМ/ВІРМЕНСЬКИЙ МОНАСТИР XIV ст. (STARYI KRYM / ARMENIAN MONASTERY OF XIV century) on the left and СУРБ ХАЧ (SURB KHACH) on the right..

The reference of the coin in Krause catalog is 559. The internal catalog reference of this item is 70002509. The coin is in Proof condition and is stored in the original capsule. Included with the coin is a certificate numbered 70003235 and an original box.

Ukraine 10 Hryvnas 2009 Silver Surb Khach Monastery 
Price: CHF 75.00

Country: Ukraine
Type: Surb Khach Monastery 
Denomination: 10 Hryvnas
Year: 2009
Material: Silver
Weight: 31.10 grams
Fineness: .925 (92.5%)
Bullion value: $2,153.89
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Mintage: 8958
Grade: Proof
Catalog #: Krause 559