Ukraine 2 Hryvnas Skythian Gold Goddess Api 2008 KM482

Offered for sale is a coin issued by Ukraine. The denomination of the coin is 2 Hryvnas. The coin has been issued in 2008. It is struck in gold of 999 fineness and weighs 1.24 grams. Its diameter is 13.92 mm. 10000 pieces of this coin have been issued.

The obverse of the coin features: On the coin obverse within a bead circle there is depicted the small National Emblem of Ukraine, above which there is 2008, the coin mintage year; between the bead circle and the coin rim there are the inscriptions: НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine) (above), 2 ГРИВНІ (2 Hryvnia) (below), as well as Au 999,9 , the designation of the metal (on the left), 1,24, its mass and the NBU Mint logotype (on the right)..
The coin reverse depicts: On the coin reverse there is a depiction of a golden lamina applique' work as the Goddess Api with serpent-like legs and there is also a semicircular inscription: СКІФСЬКЕ ЗОЛОТО (Skythian Gold) (beneath)..

The reference of the coin in Krause catalog is 482. The internal catalog reference of this item is 70002191. The coin is in Special Uncirculated condition and is stored in the self-adhesive holder measuring 50 by 50 mm. Included with the coin is a certificate numbered 70009144 and an original box.

Ukraine 2 Hryvnas Skythian Gold - Goddess Api 2008 Gold KM 482
Price: CHF 125.00

Country: Ukraine
Type: Skythian Gold (The Goddess Api)
Denomination: 2 Hryvnas
Year: 2008
Material: Gold
Weight: 1.24 grams
Fineness: .999 (99.9%)
Bullion value: $95.62
Diameter: 13.92 mm
Mintage: 10000
Grade: Special Uncirculated
Catalog #: Krause 482